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Milos island

  Milos the island of the Venus de Milo


loved by the pirates and praised by the poets

χάρτης της Μήλου απο δορυφόρο

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 Built in 2002 and have a view of the port. They have a fully furnished kitchen, TV and A/C. There is a parking space and the apartments can accommodate 6 people or 2 friendly couples.

Villa Maria Rooms
Traditional and comfortable apartments with TV, kitchen, A/C, built in the centre of Adamas. The apartments can accommodate 2-4 people and guarantee a journey in time.
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Town of Milos

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  Milos is the fifth largest island in the Cyclades with an area of 151sq. km, positioned on the SW of the county. It is one of the lowest islands in the Cyclades.

Its highest point is Prophet Elias with at 751m after which follows Hondro Vouno. Milos island’s particular characteristic is its natural harbour known as one of the largest and safest in the Mediterranean.

Milos is special because of  its volcanic earth and for its mineral rich subsoil. Its geological composition is primarily volcanic. The volcanoes were active during the last 3,000,000 years and are now dormant. As a result of past volcanic action, Milos is characterised by numerous geological forms and golden-white beaches which captivateall visitors.

Village of Milos

 Milos has a population of 4500 inhabitants living in 8 villages on the NE part of the island. Plaka, the island’s capital, Plakes, Tripiti, Triovasalos, Pera Triovasalos, Pollonia, Zephyria and Adamas, the island’s port.

There are also smaller villages which are visited during the summer. These are Paliohori, Provatas and Klima.

Adamas: This village was built in 1835 by Cretans who fled to Milos after a failed attack against the Turks. With its large natural harbour, Adamas is the island’s tourist centre where a visitor will find restaurants, cafes, shops and a news agency.

Pollonia: Pollonia is a picturesque fishing village built around a natural gulf. It is a popular tourist destination where the visitor will find restaurants and small cafes. Boats depart daily from Pollonia to the neighbouring island of Kimolos.

Plaka: Plaka, the island’s capital is built at a height of 220m above sea level. It has retained the traditional island architecture with its narrow streets and a view of Milos’ harbour. From here you can visit the Archaeological Museum, the Folklore Museum and the church of Panagia Thalassitra. Walk up to the remains of the Kastro built during the 13th century by the Venetians.

Tripiti: Leaving Plaka, vsitors come across the traditional village of Tripiti. It is a beautiful village with a spectacular view of Milos’ harbour. This is where the visitor will see the picturesque wind-mills, the church of Agios Nikolaos, the Catacombes and the Ancient Theatre.

Klima: Klima is a small fishing village with few inhabitants. Here visitors will see the ‘sirmata’ or boat-houses. The statues of the Venus de Milo and of Praxiteli were found in farmland near this village.

Triovasalos – Pera Triovasalos: These are the first two villages that visitors come across after Adamas and are built amphitheatrically on two facing hills. Restaurants and cafes can be found here as well as many shops. It is worth visiting the churches of Agios Spiridonas and Agios Georgios with its famous mosaic.

Zephyria: Zephyria is a small village with 150 inhabitants.  In the past it was the island’s capital and is positioned 5.5 km SE of Adamas. It is worth visiting the church of Panagia Portiani built during the 17th century. It is the oldest church in Zephyria and the old metropolis of Milos.

Beaches  of  Milos

on Milos you will find about 70 beautiful beaches..

Lagada and Papikinos: Golden sand and shallow blue water, near Adamas.

Paliohori: Coastal village with a beautiful sand and pebble beach. Restaurants and cafes can be found here. It is 8km from Adamas.

Provatas: Coastal village with a beautiful beach and golden-red sand, rocks and shallow water. Restaurants and cafes will be found here. It is 7km from Adamas

Firiplaka & Tsigrado: Blue water, grey sand and dreamlike scenery 8km from Adamas.

Agia Kyriaki: Beautiful beach with thick sand and white pebbles. A restaurant and a beach bar with water sports can be found here. It is 8km from Adamas.

Gerondas: This is the most picturesque beach on the South side of the island with dark sand, blue water and captivating scenery, you do have to walk however to get to it.

Sarakiniko: small and extra-ordinary beach named as the ‘Moon-scape’ by the Miloans.

Agios Constandinos, Alogomandra, Papafraga: Beaches surrounded by capes, caves, natural bridges and small beaches.

Μαγικό ηλιοβασίλεμα στη Τρυπιτή
Βάνι , Απόκρυμνα βράχια
Σαρακίνικο Σελινιακό τοπίο της Μήλου
Πλάκα παραδοσιακό χωριό της Μήλου
Τσιγκράδο παραλία της Μήλου
Ηλιοβασίλεμα απο Πλάκα
Κλήμα παραδοσιακό ψαροχώρι κάτω από την Τρυπιτή
Κλέφτικο παραλία στη Μήλο, Παλιό κρυσφύγετο Πειρατών
Πολλώνια γραφικό ψαροχώρι μεσα στη θάλασσα

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